Au Sappey en Chartreuse dominé par Chamechaude en pleine nature et pourtant tout près de Grenoble
Au Sappey en Chartreuse dominé par Chamechaude en pleine nature et pourtant tout près de Grenoble
Le Chant de l'Eau Le Sappey en Chartreuse Chambres et Table d'Hôtes
Le Chant de l'EauLe Sappey en Chartreuse  Chambres et Table d'Hôtes 

A PANDA Gîte… Discover nature !

Panda gîtes are part of the ‘Gîte de France’ type of accommodation (rural gîtes, bed and breakfasts, holiday gîtes, ...). In the majority of cases, Panda gîtes are situated within a regional nature park, or a national nature park. To obtain the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) label, the gîte must meet three conditions:



  • be situated in a quality natural environment
  • be able to provide equipment for observing nature, and specific informative documents
  • be managed by owners who take care to preserve the environment

There are roughly 280 holiday addresses carrying the Panda Gîte label in France.



The Gîte "Chant de l’Eau" is a PANDA Gîte


We are situated at the edge of the St.Eynard forest. Nearby you can see or hear deer, ravens, foxes, black woodpeckers,...etc. Above the tree line, the mountain forest offers a very varied flora.

The village is surrounded by natural meadows, which are managed by a gentle form of agriculture. A multitude of different plant species make for a hugely colourful setting. There are, for example, 53 species of orchids in our commune. Stoop down, look, listen…this large area is inhabited by many insects, small mammals and birds. Higher up, within the reach of walkers, you can find limestone pavements with chamois, marmots and black grouses

To help you explore and understand the nature areas around the gîte, we can provide binoculars, magnifying glasses, guides, and maps that we have carefully annotated for you. You will have access to a library of over 200 nature works (ecology, botany, zoology, geology and local history), and the use of laboratory equipment for more detailed observations.
Finally, we both come from Le Sappey, and Bruno has naturalist training. This helps us to be of service to our guests, as we can share with them our knowledge of the history of the Chartreuse and its inhabitants.

Efficient energy usage, waste limitation and recycling of our household waste, the use of local wood for construction purposes, and the sustainable use of our forest plots…we are always working on these projects.

Our personal involvement with WWF France is also linked to the quality of the produce which is used for our table d’hôtes (the meals which we provide).

Most of what we present at meal times is produced by us. This allows our guests to taste and appreciate what the season and the land have to offer.

In addition to our own supplies, we use the produce of local farmers

. Other foodstuffs which are not produced by us (such as flour and grains) are provided by organic suppliers.

At our table, you will be able to see for yourselves the better quality of these products, and the way in which they cause less damage to the environment.

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